Come to see us!
Date : 12 / Apr / 2019
Time : 8.15pm
Address : Piet Heinkade 1 1019 BR Amsterdam
Tel : 020 788 2000

Concert with RIAS Chamber Choir conducted by Justin Doyle in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The choir RIAS Kammerchor comes to L’Auditori to perform a highly evocative programme ‎that combines the past and present through the Requiems of Tomás Luis de Victoria and ‎Bernat Vivancos.‎


T. L. DE VICTORIA: Introitus: Requiem aeternam ‎
B. VIVANCOS: Aeternam ‎
VIVANCOS: L’amour, le temps ‎
VICTORIA: Gradual: Requiem aeternam; Intermezzo (instr.); Offertorium: Domine Jesu ‎Christe ‎
VIVANCOS: Souffle ta bougie ‎
VICTORIA: Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei 1-3 ‎
VIVANCOS: O Virgo Splendens; Intermezzo (instr.) ‎
VICTORIA: Communio: Lux aeterna ‎
VIVANCOS: O Lux Beata ‎
VICTORIA: Motectum: Versa est in luctum

RIAS Chamber Choir

Justin Doyle Conductor