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05 January 2004

MUSICALPOINTERS / Reviewed by © Peter Grahame Woolf

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Gordon & Rautio shared the platform with Milos Milivojevic, a gifted young virtuoso on the bayan (classical accordion – the one with buttons and no piano keys). In recent years this wondrous machine has really come into its own and into mainstream contemporary composition; accordion playing standards are disconcertingly high. Fascinating to watch, the arrangement of the notes is as bizarre and inscrutable as those of the cimbalom. Milivojevic had a real coup for PLG in bringing us the belated UK premiere of Berio’s Sequenza of 1995 and he capped this with Magnus Lindberg’s Jeux D’anches which had made him feel he was ‘composing for an orchestra of wind instruments’. No doubt these will find their way onto a Milivojevic CD before long – or, better, a DVD; the accordion is a supremely visual instrument.


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